About us

About Japha

A bit of info about our company

About us
Japha was founded in 2008 after the realisation that many businesses and home users wanted to have a single company they could rely on for all of their IT needs.
Given our diverse IT skill set and experience, it made sense to start a company that could help with "everything IT". And our clients loved it!
Since then, we've added new talent to our team, formed strategic partnerships with other companies, and expanded our range of products and services.
We've gained a reputation amongst our clients as being:
  • problem solvers
  • easy to work with
  • reliable
  • great value for money
  • committed to getting IT done
As a company we'll continue to grow and evolve, offering new products and services to meet our clients' needs.
We're committed to the needs of our clients - in Queensland, throughout Australia, and around the world. And we'll continue to strive for excellence every day.

How we work

Our flexible working model means we can respond to requests quickly.

App development
Most of our clients prefer to call or email us. (We had a publicly-accessible support portal for many years, but found that clients preferred to be updated via email/text/phone. So now we just track support tickets internally.)
Our teams are distributed and work from wherever they choose. (Apart from when our developers, designers and technicians need to be on site with a client, of course.) We rely heavily on email, Skype and instant messaging.
This flexible working model has allowed us to work with great suppliers, talented staff and awesome clients based all around the world.

Our mission statement

"Easy IT solutions for everyone, no matter what the challenge."

Our mission statement
Yep, that's right.

"Easy IT solutions for everyone, no matter what the challenge."
We enjoy IT challenges. Whether you're a home user, local business or multinational corporation, just tell us what you need.
Our team's diverse range of expertise means we can provide the solutions you need. We've got your IT covered.

We've had a few people ask us about these over the years.

Our name & logo
It's true. When we were first talking about setting up an IT company back in 2008, Kaz said to the team: "There's two things we need right now - an IT company that covers 'everything IT' for its clients, and a packet of Jaffas." (Allen's Jaffas are a registered trademark of Allen's Lollies.)
Allen''s Jaffas (a registered trademark of Allen's Lollies)
Our logo was designed by Sebastian Heitzmann of German design house Esthetiks. We've had plenty of positive feedback on the logo over the years. Our clients, friends and social media followers love it - and so do we!