Desktop PCs & laptops

Desktop PCs

Custom systems built to suit your needs and your budget

Desktop PCs
We've built and installed plenty of desktop PCs for many happy clients. Our systems tend to last longer and run more reliably than pre-built systems. (Our clients like this a lot, of course.)
We know that quality components make reliable systems, so we only use specific brands in our custom builds - for example Gigabyte motherboards, Corsair or Kingston RAM, and Western Digital hard drives.
But if there's any other specific brands or components you want in your system build, we can use these instead of course - let us know.
And we can pre-install any other software you need too - including anti-virus, Microsoft Office (or a free alternative like LibreOffice), other common programs, or even a second operating system (in a "dual-boot" configuration).
We can upgrade your existing computer too. Depending on how old the computer is and what it's used for, this may be the most cost-effective option - many systems just need an SSD drive or more memory to keep running usably for several years.
Whether you need a PC for work, study, gaming or something else, we can build a machine that suits your needs perfectly. Send us a message (below) or give us a call and tell us what you need. We'll have a quote back to you ASAP!

Laptops & tablets

Laptops & tablets for home or office

Our range of partners and suppliers means we can supply laptops and tablets at great prices.
We can help you find a laptop/tablet that suits your needs. Just let us know either what the device is going to be used for, or the minimum specs you need (to run certain software).
Or if you've already found the specific laptop/tablet you want, just tell us the brand and model number.
And as with our desktop PCs, we can:
  • pre-install Microsoft Office or any other software you need
  • migrate your data (files) and settings from your old computer
When our clients buy new laptops and tablets, they don't have to deal with setting up the operating system, downloading/installing/activating software, setting up email or moving data. Their devices are delivered ready for use.
Whether you need a new device for work, study or fun, let Japha help with your next laptop or tablet purchase. Call or message us today.

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