Other equipment

Printers, hard drives, routers and more

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Other equipment
We have partner/distributor/reseller agreements in place with many software companies and IT vendors. If you're looking for new IT gear for your home or office, we can assist.
Apart from computers and software, there's plenty of other equipment we often receive requests for. We can supply routers (and other network equipment), printers and multi-function (print/scan/copy) devices, and external hard drives.
We can also supply wireless keyboards and mice, widescreen monitors, external DVD drives, webcams, USB hubs, video cards, other PC components and more.
And we can also install and configure any equipment as required, of course.
If any of your critical infrastructure has failed, our technicians can diagnose the problem(s) and get equipment replaced to get you up and running again ASAP.
Save time and money, and let Japha help with sourcing your IT equipment. Call or message us today!

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