Need a new server for your business or home office?

We've built, installed and configured servers that have been deployed in a variety of IT environments. We can also supply DELL servers (and other DELL equipment) at great prices.
All of our custom server builds use ultra-durable components from industry-leading manufacturers - ensuring years of performance, reliability and trouble-free operation.
We can also arrange licenses for the operating system and any software you need, as well as setting up backup software, anti-malware protection and other essentials.
And we can migrate applications, data and settings from other servers or PCs. We can even set up multiple virtual servers on the same physical hardware, if required.
If you're running servers, you know that correct installation and configuration is critical to your IT environment. Let us take care of the setup - we've done this stuff before.
If you need a new server or it's time to replace an aging one, Japha can help. Send us your enquiry (below) or give us a call, and let's talk servers.

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