Japha stock management

Our stock management system

Manage and track your business stock, from a web-based system that's available anywhere

Stock management
Our web-based stock management system allows you to:
  • track stock locations and values
  • store (multiple) images for stock items
  • track supplier payments
  • generate reports
The system was specifically created for use by businesses who deal in unique items - such as art galleries, antiques dealers, and secondhand stores.
Some clients use it for their daily record keeping, others use it as an easy way to update the stock catalog on their website.
And it's a web-based system - so you don't need to worry about storing files or making backups. All of your data and photos are stored on our servers, and backed up by us.
To arrange a free trial, call us or send us a message below. If your business is an art gallery, antiques dealer, or secondhand store - or if you buy (or create) and sell unique items - our stock management system can make your life easier.

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