Corporate IT

Our corporate IT services

Monitoring and maintenance of servers, networks and critical IT infrastructure

Corporate IT
Our managed services offering for corporate environments is a comprehensive IT solution for your business.
We provide installation, maintenance and monitoring for Windows and Linux server environments, server-based applications, networks and other critical infrastructure.
If any part of your IT infrastructure is unreliable or failing, we can help. Our technicians can diagnose the problem(s) and get equipment replaced - to get you up and running again ASAP.
And we'll also handle software license management and renewals, user support for common office programs, dealing with your other ICT providers, and disaster recovery (if needed).
We can work on a specific project, manage specific aspects of your IT, or assume responsibility for your entire IT environment.
Additionally, our software development expertise means we can assist with maintaining in-house software applications if required.
We've worked with numerous clients who needed updates made to custom applications that were built with older technologies such as Visual Basic 6 and "classic" ASP.
And we can provide a range of other IT services to your business too - including mail hosting, web hosting, off-site data backups, internet marketing and more.
Our range of IT services makes Japha the perfect choice for your business IT partner. Let's get things started with a phone call or a message.

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