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Equipment and tech support
We've helped hundreds of users with all sorts of IT issues - with laptops, desktop PCs, servers, printers, networks and more.
Support options include phone, email, remote, and on-site. We can generally arrange a priority service if you have an issue that needs to be resolved urgently.
We understand that often you don't want know about the technical details - you just want the problem solved or the system up and running.
We can help with:
  • setting up new equipment
  • virus and malware removal
  • data recovery
  • software errors
  • PC cleanup and maintenance
Our tech support staff have extensive experience with resolving a wide range of problems with computer hardware, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), and other common office programs.
We can also help with choosing the right software and equipment for your needs, as well as supply, installation and configuration of software and equipment.
Our broad knowledge of the IT industry means we can recommend and source products and services that suit your specific needs. Just tell us what you need to do. (Or what you need your computer to do.)
There's a reason our clients love our IT support services - we get the job done quickly, and we get it done right.
Let's get your IT equipment doing what it's supposed to - call us or send us a message and we'll get started.

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