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Our marketing services

Our expertise with a range of media means we can give your business the marketing edge it needs

Our marketing services
We can expand your online presence with a website, social media marketing, and email marketing too.
Your social media marketing probably needs content that connects with your target audience, the right username ("vanity URL"), profile and banner pics (that look great and scale well), timing of posts to achieve optimal exposure, and metrics/tracking.
And your email marketing probably needs the right software (MailChimp/SendBlaster/GroupMail), a great template, content that connects with your target audience, compliance with anti-spam regulations, and metrics/tracking.
We can also help with Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and any other online advertising media you choose. And we can set up Google Analytics for user metrics and tracking.
If you need web content written, rewritten or edited to appeal to your target audience (and provide optimal search engine visibility), just let us know.
We can work with you to create content for your website, social media profile or blog - and we'll optimise your content for Google and other search engines too.
A successful online marketing strategy involves combining different approaches for the best result - and that's something we know about!
We've been helping our clients with their internet marketing for years. We can help your business become more visible on the web, find new clients, and connect with existing and potential clients on social media.
Let's talk about your internet marketing needs... and then get a plan underway. Call us or send us your details below.

Our graphic design services

Corporate logos, business cards, brochures, banners and more

Our design services
Our graphic designers are passionate about their work - which means our clients are thrilled with the results.
We've designed corporate logos, business cards, brochures, advertising banners and more. Our designs are on the sides of trucks and buildings, on hundreds of sites across the web... and in the hands of our clients' clients.
Whether you need graphics for print/web/both, we can create designs that capture your vision. Our designers do amazing work. (That's why they're on our team.)
And we can arrange printing at a discounted rate too - just ask. We'll handle the entire project, from design to production.
Need promotional videos for your business, explainer videos for your website, or animations for any purpose? Japha can help with these too - through our partnerships with video production experts and animation workshops.
If you need graphic design work done, call us or send us your details below - you'll be happy with the results we deliver.

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