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Web design

Need a better website? Or a site you can update easily yourself?

Web design
We've built plenty of websites for very happy clients over the last 15 years, and our developers love what they do. Let us help you get the most from your web presence!
Japha can help with site design and development (building the website you want), web hosting (reliable servers to keep your website accessible), and SEO and online advertising (maximising traffic to your websites).
We build web-based applications too. If you need a web app - for your customers, staff or both - the Japha team can build a solution that's fast and easy to use. We can also help with setting up online stores.
Our dev team loves working with C#, ASP.NET and Angular, but we're happy to work with your existing website using other technologies too - whether it's PHP, Python, Wordpress or something else.
Give us a call (or send us your details below), and let's talk about how we can get the web working for you!

Domain names

What's your .com?

Domain names
Whether you need a .com, a .com.au or a different top-level domain, we can get your domain name registered for you. We can also transfer existing domain names that are registered elsewhere.
Japha can also help with domain selection - which domain names represent your business most effectively? And we can configure your DNS entries (so your domain can be used for a website, email, etc).
Let's get your web presence established. Call us or send us a message and we'll help you reach your target audience with the right domain name.

Web hosting

Keeping your website online

Web hosting
We provide hosting for all types of websites - ASP.NET, PHP, Wordpress, Joomla and more. All of our web servers are monitored externally, and consistently have over 99.9% uptime (availability).
If your site is hosted elsewhere but you're not happy with the cost/reliability/both, we can transfer your site to our web servers quickly and easily.
Let Japha help with your web hosting needs - call us or send us a message.

Microsoft Exchange mail hosting

Always have your latest emails, contacts, and appointments at your fingertips.

Mail hosting
If you're running a business, you need email accounts that use your domain name. Our business-grade email solution provides the reliability you need for your business.
Our mail hosting service runs on Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Office 365.
Exchange email services work with Outlook, Apple Mail and other popular programs to keep your laptop, smartphone and other devices up-to-date and in sync. You can access your mailbox from any web browser too.
Getting mailboxes set up is quick and easy - just let us know the email addresses you need. We'll add them to the mail servers ASAP, and get back to you with setup instructions.
If needed, we can also import your existing messages, folders and contacts from other mail accounts and programs.
Don't compromise on your email solution - having reliable email is important to the everyday running of your business. Give us a call (or send us your details below), and start enjoying the benefits of Microsoft Exchange email hosting today.

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